5 Popular Dual MBA Programs

In today’s world, it is difficult to get a job without a degree. However, it can still be hard to get a good job with a degree. Many smart business students who are nearing the completion of an undergraduate degree choose to enroll in a dual MBA degree program to broaden their skills and job opportunities. These are some of the top dual MBA degree options.

1. MBA/MS Of Environment And Resources

With the continual movement forward toward a more sustainable environment, the demand for environmental professionals in every field is on the rise. This is one of the most comprehensive dual degree programs for giving students in-depth skills and knowledge. They learn how to become powerful business management professionals and connect science with medicine, law and many other fields to create a greener environment. While many environmental jobs require a degree in environmental sciences, the added MBA skills are invaluable to any company looking to hire a long-term professional with extensive skills and leadership qualities.


The Master of Public Policy degree is a good choice for anyone who is interested in working with a not-for-profit company as a manager. It is also a good choice for anyone who is interested in becoming an analyst of public policy or an expert on public policy. Students who want to write authoritative books about public policy can choose this program for the distinction of having multiple degrees. Having business management skills is important for anyone in public policy, and those skills yield a better understanding of development, strategies and strategy analysis.


The JD and MBA dual degree option is popular for students who want a career in law or public service. Although only a few schools offered this option in the past, there are more choices today. This dual degree program is a good choice for building a variety of skills for careers in those fields. Students learn to develop and fine-tune their management skills through the MBA program, and they learn valuable analytical and problem-solving skills in the JD program to complement their professional management skills.

4. MBA/MA Of Education

This degree combination is a great choice for students who want to earn two degrees within two years after completing a bachelor’s degree. The main goal of this program is to turn business-minded professionals into quality educators and leaders. Combining applied business management skills with education skills prepares students to become valuable teachers of business management programs. This is an ideal choice for any student who wants to become a professor of an MBA program in the future. Also, students who want to teach undergraduate business classes may choose this option.

5. MBA/MB Of Biotechnology

The field of biotechnology is growing rapidly and needs professionals with extensive skills. Since many biotechnology jobs require knowledge of how to effectively run a business and manage tasks, the MBA degree is a valuable asset. From entrepreneurship and engineering to science and medical focuses, there are plenty of options for graduates who hold these degrees. These degrees will help graduates find advanced jobs. However, a doctoral degree is necessary for those who want to become scientists and independent researchers.

As Delaware Valley College advises prospective students, having two degrees expands job opportunities to at least two major fields. Choosing a dual degree program should be a matter of preference for each student. An MBA is an asset in any field. However, students should seek a program that offers a dual degree option in a desired field.

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