MBA in Entrepreneurship

MBA in EntrepreneurshipAn MBA in Entrepreneurship is a specialized business degree designed for individuals interested in developing and fine-tuning their entrepreneurial skills so that they can start their own business after graduation or become successful leaders within any business organization. Pursuing an MBA in Entrepreneurship will allow students to meet experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and venture capitalists already making their mark on the business world. Customized course and knowledgeable faculty and consultants will help students learn valuable systems management approaches, as well as discover what their individual managerial strengths are and what business environment they would be best suited for.

An MBA in Entrepreneurship is ideal for either those individuals eager to start their own business straight out of school or those already working in any number of business organizations or non-profit organizations who wish to enhance their leadership abilities in the workplace.

How To Find The Top MBA in Entrepreneurship Programs

Determining which of the best MBA in Entrepreneurship degrees will suit your individual needs is based on a number of different factors. To ensure that you receive the highest-quality education that will lead to the greatest number of job possibilities, individuals should pursue a degree from an accredited, high ranking academic institution. Individuals looking to earn an advanced degree while working around busy work and personal lives might choose to pursue one of the best online MBA in Entrepreneurship Programs as opposed to traditional on-campus programs.

Two universities that offer exceptional MBA in Entrepreneurship programs are Baldwin Wallace University and the University of California at Berkeley-Haas. At Baldwin Wallace University, students can take advantage of a renowned business clinic that introduces students to experienced entrepreneur volunteers and highly-qualified faculty members who will provide valuable real-world practical experience to help students learn how to successfully analyze business plans to determine the best areas for growth. The University of California at Berkeley-Haas offers a program that combines course work with real-world experience taught by successful working entrepreneurs. The goal of the program is to help students develop and start their own businesses that are both affordable and sustainable in the ever-changing market.

Careers and Salaries For Individuals With MBA in Entrepreneurship Degrees

Earning an MBA in Entrepreneurship from an accredited institution will prepare graduates for jobs in an extremely wide range of businesses. MBA in Entrepreneurship careers are available within almost any business or organization.

Some of the most common career paths include business consultants, business executives and CEOS. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual MBA in Entrepreneurship salaries can vary drastically from institution to institution. As of 2010, the salary range for business consultants was anywhere from $58,785 to $107,203. In 2008, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that Business Executives and CEOs earned an average annual salary of $91,570.

Regardless of whether you choose to accept a job with a large business, a non-profit organization or start your own company after graduation, an MBA in Entrepreneurship will prepare you to be an effective, innovative leader and problem-solver in any working environment.

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