Pepperdine MBA

Pepperdine MBAAn MBA, otherwise known as a Master of Business Administration degree, is highly coveted by those who understand the value of business education. This specialized degree program is for postgraduate education and is designed for a wide variety of people who all share a common desire to succeed in the business world. Although students with bachelor’s degrees in business are quite common in this degree program, there are many other types of students present in MBA programs as well.

While studying for the program, students learn how to effectively utilize marketing strategies and how to employ common business techniques in a relevant setting, putting their skills to the test with multitudes of real-world business experiences. MBA programs exist in top educational institutions such as Harvard, as well as the majority of state universities. Obtaining a Pepperdine MBA, however, will give the highest amount of prestige; graduates of programs from top schools such as Pepperdine make twice as much as those from the less selective universities. A Master of Business Administration degree can lead to a higher paying salary, a more superior position, and a multitude of rewarding MBA Jobs.

Details of the Pepperdine MBA Degree Program

At Pepperdine’s Malibu campus, full-time MBA students thrive in an atmosphere of learning and success. The Pepperdine MBA program offers two options: the one-year program, for students with an undergraduate degree in business and three years of business experience, and the two-year program, for students with a lesser amount of business experience. The full-time MBA program offers courses such as Financial Accounting, Cost Accounting, and Macroeconomic Analysis.

Pepperdine’s prestigious MBA program is well-respected in the business community, and the majority of prospective employers would view graduation from such a program in a very favorable light. The admission requirements for the Pepperdine MBA program are quite selective. A bachelor’s degree is required, as well as letters of recommendation, an application, and a stellar grade point average history. Along with all of these requirements, a GRE or GMAT score is also necessary for admission.

The tuition for the Pepperdine MBA degree program varies; for the one-year program, the tuition is approximately 62,000 dollars. For the two-year program, tuition is approximately 84,000 dollars. There is financial assistance available for students in need. Pepperdine offers three primary financial aid options: the Federal Direct Stafford loans, alternative education loans, and the Federal Direct Graduate PLUS loan. Along with these three primary financial aid options, there are also merit-based scholarships available. Those who have received excellent scores on their GRE or GMAT exams are eligible for this type of scholarship. The Pepperdine MBA is a high-quality program that can give a person an excellent chance at future business success.