5 Online Resources For Learning About Competitive Intelligence

When you’re looking for at least five online resources for learning about competitive intelligence, it’s important to understand why it’s necessary. As more services and companies do their work online, it is fast becoming one of the best AI-based tools for marketing, e-commerce insights, and more. Learning as much as possible about this new tool is important for anyone who makes their living online, so read on for the best online resources available today in this area.


LLRX, which is a one-woman blog that focuses on law and technology resources for legal professionals, is one of the best resources for this field of AI intelligence. For over 20 years, it has been the best source of all legal technology topics, and it has a resource guide on this issue. It provides professionals with information on RSS feeds, web tools, trackers, and sources to help direct them to the specific information needed. It also includes sources and links to other helpful resources, ensuring that it remains the primary source of information on this AI intelligence.

2. Owler

One of the best resources for this kind of intelligence comes in the form of Owler, a site built on community-based data and business insights. It can be considered a tool for professionals, allowing them to search over 15 million companies and offer real-time analytics to help them get ahead of the curve. It also offers daily emails that showcases the top news from a professional’s industry, providing individuals with not only a tool but a newsletter that shows them how the insights they’ve gleaned from the tool can be put into practice in their business.

3. Follow.net

The best way to understand AI intelligence to by using a tool that was created specifically to track this kind of AI on the web; that’s why Follow is one of the best online resources. It offers dozens of fields for analytics, allows professionals to pull data from partner companies, and can even provide real-time updates of when a company or business is mentioned anywhere online, including on social media. The site also lets professionals organize their insights, create portfolios of their findings, and share it with colleagues, ensuring that everyone in the company has access to the same data.


Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals, also known as SCIP, is an association of experts from around the world, but their real value for businesses and companies comes from the fact that they are one of the best online resources for this type of intelligence. The community boasts a large number of online resources, including white papers and analysis, as well as its own university. SCIP university provides online programs for professionals who want to be certified in this specialty or who want to take on professional development courses through an online portal.

5. LinkedIn Groups

One of the best online resources for learning about any type of intelligence are LinkedIn groups. The site, which caters to professionals, has dozens of groups that focus on AI intelligence for professionals, with SCIP and SBCIP being the most popular. These groups allow professionals to discuss any new insights or advancements in the field, gives them the opportunity to go into depth about concepts, and can even provide them with access to white papers or journal articles that may be of extreme importance to them.

AI intelligence continues to play a large role in how a business operates online. It’s critical that any professional who is interested in AI intelligence pay close attention to how this field unfolds. With these five online resources for learning about competitive intelligence, professionals are well on their way to learning how this particular field will affect them in the future.