5 of the Most Unique MBAs

While you might think that all MBA programs are exactly the same, you’ll change your mind after looking at some of the more unique MBAs out there. Instead of asking you to select a concentration in a traditional field like human resources or accounting, these programs let you specialize your degree in an unusual field that will better meet the career goals you have in mind.

Wine and Spirits MBA

One of the more unique MBAs is the one in wine and spirits. If you love the idea of running your own vineyard or opening a restaurant with a winery attached, this is the perfect program for you. Wine and spirits MBA programs focus on the management and operations of these businesses. You’ll learn all the steps required of opening a vineyard, including how to choose the right location, select the best grapes and harvest those grapes later. Though this program is only available from a few graduate schools, many let students gain fieldwork experience working for a real vineyard or winery.

Music and Business

Do you love the idea of working with musicians and bands? Maybe you want to manage their careers as an agent working for a talent company, or maybe you want to open your own recording studio and help those artists record upcoming albums. An MBA program that focuses on both business and music is a great choice for you. The skills that you develop in a music MBA program can help you open your own talent agency, build a recording studio from the ground up or work in venues that bring in recording artists to play in front of a live audience.

Fashion Executive

Though some fashion majors become designers for major companies or launch their own brands, others want to work in fashion without sketching out designs. Unique MBAs like a fashion executive MBA program will let you learn everything you need to know about the fashion industry. Instead of creating designs and outfitting models to walk down the runway, these executives deal with everything that goes on behind the scenes. They are the ones responsible for getting those designs into major retail stores, working out the logistics before an upcoming runway show and going after those who steal designs.

Sports Management

Sports management is an unusual MBA program that might appeal to you. While some colleges offer this subject as a master’s program, some now combine a sports management degree with an MBA. These programs are best for those who want to work in and run sports facilities like an ice hockey rink or a football stadium. You’ll learn how to create an operations budget, what laws you must follow when hiring new employees and how you can advertise special events. Though sports management programs sometimes include classes on health and fitness, MBA programs focus more on the management of facilities and less on the athletes who play there.

Leadership Programs

U.S. News & World Report highlighted a number of unique MBA programs that relate to leadership. Some of these programs require that students take classes on acting and the performing arts, while other programs send students on leadership retreats. Taking acting classes will teach you how to present yourself in front of a crowd and how to make others respond to you. Wilderness and other leadership retreats show you both how to lead others and how to follow when needed.

MBA programs include courses on all aspects of business, including management, finance and marketing. If you can’t find a traditional program that interests you, take a look at some of the unique MBAs now available.

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