What is Silicon Valley?

Silicon Valley – it’s one of the world’s most recognized and desirable locations. Where is it, what is it, and just why is its name so well-known across the globe? Read on as we uncover the secrets of the valley.

Summary of Significance

Silicon Valley is another name for the renowned, San Francisco Bay Area of the state of California. The valley is in the northern region of the state and is composed of the extent of Santa Clara County in addition to some surrounding areas. So, aside from an admittedly attractive landscape, what specifically makes this geographic location such a significant domain today?

The answer to this question lies within the industries and events taking root here since the 1960s. In the 1960s, the US was deeply entrenched in the Cold War. The result was a massive boom in engineering, the sciences, and technology in general. Stanford University, the private research facility so pivotal to Cold War era tech developments, stands here at the heart of the valley. It was here and for these reasons that this migration of the nation’s brightest and most entrepreneurial minds would take place.

As the Cold War subsided, this rich environment of sciences of progressive thinking continued on in the valley unperturbed. More tech businesses sprung up over the years, and eventually, the area would become known as it is today, as a sort of unofficial capital of the world’s leading, cutting-edge tech and science efforts. The location’s name and its reference to “silicon” were a direct nod to the use of such advanced materials like silicon in the valley’s normal, day-to-day, tech production activities.

Today, the valley continues to be a place of great importance. It is the home of Facebook, Adobe Systems, Apple, Google, HP, the NASA Ames Research Center, and hundreds of other operations based in science and technological development. More recent contributing presences here have also included Intel, Yahoo Mobile, Y Combinator, and more.

Continued Soaring Growth

To understand the history of this place and its growth is certainly a marvel all unto its own. Taking a look at current and future forecasts of the area, however, yields no less degree of remark. Today, this region leads the US in growth rates and is not forecasted to slow anytime soon. In fact, growth rates here have been such that the news is quite commonly dotted with items referring to the great rental space shortages as well as extremely high rents.

Bloomberg recently published an article referencing the superseding of rent rates here even over the renowned East Coast financier regions. PBS discusses the resulting environment leading to alternative living situations in the area. The examples are abundant, and to say that this area is rapidly expanding is certainly an epic understatement.

Sunny California is a state known for many things. One of its most treasured prize pieces, however, is this valuable area just along the San Francisco Bay. Known the world over for its emerging technology, business, and science, California’s Silicon Valley is indeed one of the world’s future-paving gems and is projected to be for quite some time to come.