What is an Accelerated MBA?

what-is-an-accelerated-mbaA traditional MBA program takes about 2 years to complete, but an Accelerated MBA program can be completed in as little as 10 months.

One of the main reasons why accelerated programs can take as little as half the time to complete is because the pace of the program is much more rigorous. It is also common for a student who is attending an accelerated program to skip their winter, spring and summer breaks in an effort to go from student to graduate in less time.

If you are debating taking a program like this, find out what you should expect and then decide if you are a good fit.

How Long Does the Average Accelerated Program Take?

When you are studying for an MBA, you will take several business-focused courses that teach you practices that you will use in the real world. It is also possible that you could choose a concentration where you will focus some of the courses on a specific field. While most programs are designed to deliver traditional curriculum in about 24 months, business schools are recognizing that there is a need for options that allow students to graduate quicker.

Since the cost of attending college for another two years is very high, students can enroll in programs that can be completed in between 10 and 15 months. These accelerated programs are not as common in the US as they are internationally, but they are growing in popularity as students see them as a more attractive option for advancing their careers.

How Can You Earn a Degree in Half the Time?

If it is possible to earn an MBA in 10 months, many students are wondering why this option is just now becoming available. For schools, it is beneficial to offer longer programs where they can earn higher tuition fees. For students, however, fast-track degrees offers some obvious advantages.

What you might worry about is the quality of your education when you are cramming a huge helping of content into each session. While the pace is a bit quick for students who prefer a steady pace with depth in the curriculum, fast-tracking has been proven to work all across the globe. Typically these programs are cohort-based and sessions are held in intensive blocks where related courses are covered together. This is called the lockstep fashion and it makes the shortened time of study work most efficiently.

Is an Accelerated Program Right for You?

Accelerated studies of any kind are not for everyone. Some students would prefer to take time with each course so that they can really saturate their brains with what they are learning. Students who want this time will not benefit from the compressed timetable that has become part of an accelerated program. Students who cannot focus or who are intimidated by a rigorous pace should also stick with the traditional structure.

You can save a great deal of time and money by completing your MBA program at an accelerated pace. For this program to work, you will need to drop everything and commit only to your studies for 10 to 15 months. After you have earned your accelerated MBA, you can return to work and reap all of the monetary advantages that come along with being a graduate of an MBA Program.