5 Twitter Accounts all MBA Students Should be Following

Nowadays, it seems like virtually everyone is one Twitter, including many of the biggest names in the business world. With the inherently brief nature of tweets, Twitter is a great way to stay informed about topics that interest you without investing a lot of time. That makes it an awesome resource for students working hard to earn their master’s degree in business administration. In fact, all MBA students should be following these five Twitter accounts.


Inc. has established itself as an authority on what it takes to start and grow a business. For more than three decades, Inc. Magazine has been considered one of the best magazines for entrepreneurs and business owners, and Inc.com, which has been going strong since 1996, is full of small business ideas, useful information, inspiring stories and practical advice from successful business people. The company joined Twitter in October 2008, and its very active feed delivers a quick peek at the latest content, making it easy to find and follow the stories that interest you most. It is safe to say that lots of people find this feed handy; @Inc has 1.67 million followers.


Arguably one of the world’s most influential research and advisory companies, Forrestor works with leaders in business and technology to develop customer-centered strategies for driving business growth. Founded in 1983 by George F. Colony, this independent research institute focuses on realizing potential through clever management and is a trusted resource for information on marketing, technology and trends. The company joined Twitter in July 2007 and has since accumulated more than 354,000 followers. Anyone who pays a visit to @Forrestor will discover insights into technology, tips for dealing with both clients and employees, news about important happenings in the business community, advice regarding branding, and information on other business-related topics.

3. @Forbes

This is the official Twitter account of Forbes.com. A leader in internet media, Forbes.com provides those interested in the world of business with real-time reporting on investing, business, technology and lifestyle topics. It also provides them with concise analysis, thoughtful commentary and useful tools. The company joined Twitter in November 2009. Since then, it has made over 134,000 posts on subjects ranging from stock reports and licensing laws to tips for jobseekers and the United States’ most bike-friendly cities. In the process, it has gained some 9.51 million followers.

4. @HarvardBiz

The Harvard Business Review is a product of Harvard Business Publishing, a nonprofit wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. A trusted source that aims to encourage smart business thinking, it provides practicing and aspiring business professionals from around the globe with a magazine, books and digital content that focuses on best practices and carefully considered insights. Its Twitter feed, @HarvardBiz, was launched in May 2008 and has since garnered some 2.65 million followers. Tweets offer leadership tips, career advice, thoughts about workplace culture and information about other business-related topics.

5. @TheEconomist

Established in 1843 as a reaction to Great Britain’s protectionist Corn Laws, The Economist has a long and proud history of promoting internationalism, free trade and minimal government interference in the marketplace. Today, it offers both print and digital versions that cover topics from a variety of categories, including world politics, business and finance, economics, science and technology, and culture. The Economist’s Twitter feed, @TheEconomist, has some 14.2 million followers. With the interconnected nature of the world’s economy, the global perspective on news and analysis is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in business matters.

Following the Twitter accounts of trusted authorities in the world of business is a great way for MBA students to stay in touch with trends, discover the latest happenings and what they mean, learn about new techniques, and explore the latest findings in relevant research. Simply scanning the tweets provides an informative overview, and if you find something you are curious about, more in-depth information is generally just a click of a link away.

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