5 Trending MBA Concentrations

If you are considering a Master of Business Administration, you are making a wise choice. An MBA can give your career a definite boost whether you have already entered the workforce or you have been working for several years. Some of the programs that are available to you are listed below. You may find exactly what your career needs to take you to the next level.


The concentration of finance will allow you to apply for positions with large companies and investment firms. These programs typically last between one and two years. At the end, you will have an understanding of the advanced theories of corporate finance. Your training will allow you to take a controlling position in your future company’s projects. As part of your education, you will have learned how to be an effective leader in a rapidly changing environment. These programs also give you an education in ethics and conducting yourself in a responsible manner.


The marketing concentration gives students the opportunity to learn about consumer behavior. A large part of this program entails finding effective ways to communicate with large groups of people. First and foremost, you will learn how to increase sales and continue to build the company. You will do this by learning how to create a branding campaign, perform research on your customers’ actions and develop effective advertising campaigns. This degree places you above those who do not have it by demonstrating that you have learned extensive marketing strategies.

International Business

The international business degree is highly coveted because many companies have an international presence in the world. When you enter this program, you will learn to think and plan in a worldwide marketplace. You will learn how to handle yourself in situations that are different than the ones you are used to in America. After you are finished with this program, you will be able to apply with companies that have an international presence. If you do not plan to work in an international setting, the international business degree will increase make you more competitive because it will ensure that you can be considered for the position if one opens up at your company in a foreign country.


The leadership degree would make you very valuable to your company. Those who obtain this degree have the ability to ensure that the people who work for them feel as if they are part of a team. Formerly, this degree was known as an MBA in management, so you will receive all of the education relating to management that you received from the old program. This program addresses the issues that are related to human resources, accounting and product development, and the topic of motivation is also a part of the curriculum. As it is a leadership specialization, it also incorporates strategies for solving problems.


An MBA in Entrepreneurship degree is very useful for those who plan to open their own places of business as well as those who plan to work for a company. Graduates do especially well in companies that are top innovators. Those who wish to break out on their own will have an education in how to build a business from the ground up. You will develop your entrepreneurial skills that you will be able to take to a small or large business. Specifically, you will be immersed in small business administration and how to build projects. You will learn how to be an effective leader and become a successful innovator.

Now that you have seen some of the programs that are available to you, you have a better idea of what the MBA can offer you. Make sure that you know exactly what type of position you will search for and then find a program that addresses those needs.