5 Podcasts About Business Management

Business management podcasts help their listeners with everything from taming technology, which teaches people how to selectively disconnect from distractions, to engaging audiences, which teaches how to quickly elicit rapport and participation. Below are five podcasts about business and management that will help listeners improve themselves and achieve success.

The Carnegie Coach

Carnegie Coach is based on the stories and strategies of Dale Carnegie, who was the first self-help guru of business professionals. Dale Carnegie’s bestselling, classic book “How to Win Friends and Influence People” is considered one of the most monumental pieces of self-help literature ever written. The Carnegie Coach helps listeners understand, interpret and apply the wisdom of Dale Carnegie to achieve great things in their lives and careers. Many leaders of the Dale Carnegies global organization present topics ranging from strategic planning to talent development. For example, past podcasts have explained how to publicly speak with courage and confidence.

The Manager Tools Podcast

The Manager Tools Podcast is presented by Michael Auzenne. It is a weekly podcast that helps listeners become better leaders and more effective managers. Each podcast introduces new techniques and user friendly tools to help listeners achieve their career objectives and management objectives. This podcast replaces boring and traditional management theories with actionable insights to improve management outcomes and performance. The podcast breaks down each piece of advice into step-by-step actions. Past topics have covered team feedback, body language, development plans, group behaviors, formal communication, relationship building and quality deliverables.

The EntreLeadership Podcast

The EntreLeadership Podcast, which is hosted by Chris LoCurto, features the bestselling financial writer Dave Ramsey and friends. Together, they conduct engaging interviews with leading business authors and leaders. Each podcast starts with an idea, story or comment from Dave Ramsey. Then, Chris LoCurto presents an interview about leadership and entrepreneurship. For example, past podcasts have explored strategic tools for personal productivity. A leading personal organization expert provided tips on how to become more focused, effective and organized. A different podcast covered market differentiation through a CEO of a national store chain sharing ideas about dedication and customer service.

The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast helps business managers improve their skills and knowledge through a weekly discussion of best practices, transformative processes and new developments. Project management systems, software and principles are used by business leaders to turn ideas and visions into realities. For example, a common topic is how to handle and resolve problematic projects. Podcast participants will use real-world examples of floundering projects in order to help listeners recognize common warning signs, execute customized approaches and solicit support from stakeholders. Another podcast might cover how collective continuous improvement procedures and programs will improve any project.

The HBR IdeaCast

The HBR IdeaCast is a free podcast offered two times a week through the creators of Harvard Business School Publishing. This podcast features innovative ideas and constructive commentary from well-recognized icons about many different business topics. For example, one recent podcast discussed management burn out, avoidance techniques and tools for recognizing it in employees. Another podcast episode had comedy legend Jerry Seinfeld sharing his perception of and experience with innovation, self-criticism and exit strategies. On the serious side, a Harvard Law School professor discusses in one podcast about how companies can achieve a competitive edge through increasing specialist collaboration. Each podcast is approximately 20 minutes long.

One of the most famous lecture and education series is TEDTalks. The business section offers some of the best business management podcasts from the most recognizable icons in the country. The video podcasts are professionally edited and visualized, so they are well-crafted with high production value.
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