5 Great LinkedIn Groups for MBA Students

You might look at LinkedIn as just another social networking site, but joining one of the top LinkedIn groups for MBA students can significantly help you now and in the future. These groups can help you learn about new job openings, find internships and fieldwork you can do while in grad school and even help you decide on the concentration to choose in your MBA program. There are several great groups that are perfect for new or future MBA students.

Future Trends

With more than 160,000 members, Future Trends is one of the largest LinkedIn groups for MBA students. Members look for new jobs posted online and share those blogs with other members to help them find the best jobs for them. Members often discuss future trends within the business industry and also converse about what skills MBA students will need when they graduate. Those currently enrolled in an undergrad program can also get help finding and applying for a good internship.

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MBA Highway

Though MBA Highway has fewer members than other popular LinkedIn groups, it’s also one of the only groups on the site designed specifically for MBA students. Joining this group lets you hear about the classes and concentrations available from different schools and to look at how MBA students in other cities or states gain experience outside of school. Members also offer helpful tips on hunting for a new job and searching for jobs online. The group includes a number of jobs that are only open to those with an MBA too.

National Association of Women MBAs

Some of the best LinkedIn groups for MBA students are only open to certain groups of people. The National Association of Women MBAs is the only LinkedIn group devoted to female MBA students. According to one report, just 36.4% of MBA graduates are women. As men significantly outnumber women in these schools, it’s not surprising that this association would launch a group just for other females. You can get tips on making more money in the business world, gender equality laws and even what to do when you encounter sexual harassment on the job.

Career Rocketeer Career Launch Network

Though many people will tell you that you can earn more money with an MBA than you would with an undergrad degree, they won’t tell you about the problems you might encounter when looking for a job. Even companies that offer entry-level jobs might look for applicants who have several years of experience and an MBA. Career Rocketeer Career Launch Network is a great LinkedIn group for those struggling to find a job. You can pick up tips on customizing your resume and cover letter for different jobs, where to search for open positions and how to act during job interviews.

Finance Club

Even with an MBA and a history of taking finance and accounting classes, you may still have a hard time finding the right job for you after grad school. Finance Club is one of the top LinkedIn groups for MBA students who also have an interest in finance and those who want to work in the finance industry. With more than 250,000 members, this group boasts Wall Street experts, tax accountants and other finance professionals on its roster. This group lets you connect and network with bankers, investors and other financial experts.

Grad schools offer a number of programs, clubs and activities for MBA students, but you’ll find even more opportunities available online. As long as you have a LinkedIn account, you can join LinkedIn groups for MBA students and network with both professionals and other MBA students.