5 Great Blogs About Investing

Investing Blogs to Follow

  • The Reformed Broker
  • The Brooklyn Investor
  • Ms. Cheat Sheet
  • Investor Junkie
  • Oblivious Investor

A successful investor is one who isn’t afraid to educate themselves. You could spend years learning the best way to research and analyze companies, and part of that long-term education should include following blogs about investing.

The Reformed Broker

This popular blog was started in 2008, and is written by Joshua Brown. He’s written several books that have been published by McGraw-Hill. They’re the publishers behind most textbooks. Brown is a financial advisor, and on his blog, he shares his thoughts and insights into what’s happening in the financial world. For beginning investors, he’s created a small portfolio that can be used by anyone to get started.

The Brooklyn Investor

This isn’t a blog you’d visit because it has a great layout and all the slick packaging of a website. This blog is worth following because the posts are incredibly detailed. It’s been around since 2011 with at least one or two posts a month. The reason for the amount of posts could be because they’re so detailed. The Brooklyn Investor breaks down certain companies in the stock market to analyze whether it’s a good or bad choice for investing. You might not find the exact company you’re looking for, but you’ll learn how to research through these amazing posts.

Ms. Cheat Sheet

This blog is written by Kathryn Cicoletti. She’s a former investment analyst who noticed that investment professionals were using overcomplicated language to speak to clients. She wanted to create a place where she could use humor and simple language to educate. She started with training videos on 401k investing for employers and branched out from there. Her posts and videos have a lively sense of humor while imparting vital knowledge to those who want to learn more about investing. This blog is definitely worth a follow.

Investor Junkie

This blog isn’t written by a finance professional. Larry Ludwig is a business owner who is passionate about growing his money. He’s been deeply involved in investing and speaks to beginning investors in a language they’ll understand. Along with beginning investors getting value from his blogs, he does take it to the next level with bigger investments. Along with advice, he provides reviews of stockbrokers, robo-advisors and microsavings companies.

Oblivious Investor

This blog is managed and written by Mike Piper. He’s a CPA who has written a few finance-related books like “Can I Retire?” and “Cost Accounting Made Simple.” He’s dedicated the blog to helping people understand investing and finance. He doesn’t believe investing should be complicated. He has categories on the blog like social security, investing 101 and Roth IRA. Along with making investing simple, he wants you to have information about your retirement in the future.

Blogs about investing don’t have to be complicated places where the beginner investor would be confused. Many of these blogs start simply and have advanced articles for those who want to work their way up to more substantial investing strategies.