5 Exceptional Jobs for Those With Their MBA in Finance

Students who have a special interest in the stock market and various other forms of financial planning tend to be happiest when they find a job that involves crunching those wonderful numbers. If that sounds just like you, then you may find that perfect job of your dreams when you choose to seek an MBA in finance. This is an excellent decision for your future, and here are just a few of the many great jobs that you may have access to once you have completed your educational program.

1. Financial Analyst

As a financial analyst, you’ll be responsible for carefully analyzing stocks, bonds and various other investments so that you can properly guide your clients to the best investments to grow and protect their money. You may be hired by companies to stay on top of their financial statements and make investment recommendations based on the company’s specific needs. You may also work for individuals who need recommendations for their own private investments or portfolios.

2. Financial Planner

A job as a financial planner allows you to work one-on-one with individuals. Your duties will involve assisting your clients with the creation of a workable personal budget, providing tips on expense control and setting viable financial goals. You may choose to run your own company, and there are also many small and large firms that hire financial planners to work with their clients.

3. Financial Advisor

Just as the job title indicates, a financial advisor will advise their clients on how to properly invest their money to achieve their desired financial goals. You’ll be expected to thoroughly research investment opportunities, buy and sell securities and keep a sharp eye out over the overall financial health of your client. In many cases, you’ll assist with financial planning that is targeted at specific life circumstances such as ensuring that there is plenty of money for retirement or to put children through college.

4. Investment Banker

The most highly successful investment bankers work for large corporations all around the world. This can be a high-pressure job that puts you in the position of being completely responsible for structuring the issuance of securities in order to raise capital for the corporation that employs you. In addition to your duties of issuing stocks and bonds, you’ll also be expected to assist the corporation with important decisions that pertain to acquisitions and mergers. If you thrive under pressure and high expectations and enjoy worldwide travel, then this may be the perfect job for you.

5. Financial Manager

As a financial manager, you’ll find work in a variety of financial institutions that include banks of all sizes, finance companies, insurance companies and credit unions. You’ll be responsible for the overall financial health of the company that employs you, and you’ll be expected to perform many important job duties. You’ll make pertinent decisions about investment activities, provide regular financial reports, develop plans and strategies that provide for the company’s long-term financial goals and assist top executives with primary decisions that affect the company.

Each of these job options are sure to provide a rich and rewarding future to those with an MBA in finance, so you shouldn’t hesitate to pursue your degree today. Success awaits you, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that these types of job are forever growing and in great demand. With your MBA in finance, you should expect to be able to find fruitful work in your choice of any state throughout the country and beyond.