5 Blogs About Accounting

Accounting blogs are a great resource to take advantage of when it comes to those working in or studying the field of accounting. These blogs tend to provide the most direct and newly-born pieces of information on everything having to do with the field. For those interested in these particular kinds of blogs, we have a helpful breakdown for you here. Read on as we highlight five of today’s most useful of blogs about accounting.

Accountex Report

Quickbooks is an essential tool of every accountant and private individual dealing with matters of accounting. Regarding its unrivaled, wide-scale use, Entreprenuer Magazine writer, Joe Worth states, “Most companies begin their financial lives using Intuit’s QuickBooks, one of the best and most popular accounting applications for small business. It’s affordable, it’s simple and it works.”

Formally known as Quickbooks and Beyond, the Accountex Report quite appropriately provides the field with extremely insightful news and views on Quickbooks. In addition, the blog has now expanded to specialize in all sorts of technologies that are used in accounting. Those looking for information that is all about accounting tech specifically need look no further than this authoritative resource.

Summing It Up

Summing It Up is a great accounting blog that focuses on the finite areas of finance laws and regulations as well as their impacts on business and accounting. The well known gurus at the FreedMaxick Team are known for their in-depth and thorough, yet interesting and entertaining posts here. The posts average about one per week and are quite valuable and rich with coverage of the topic chosen. Recent posts have discussed tax law effects on citizenship and economy, advice on R&D Tax Credit meetings, and the ramifications of FIRPA legislation.

View From The Rock

Since 2010, View From The Rock has provided expert-generated news and views for all areas of accounting practice. No matter if you are a new student or a seasoned professional, this general purpose blog on accounting has something for you. The ShindelRock accounting firm maintains this blog at a rate of about one post every few days. The popularity of this blog has soared recently with audiences enjoying its wide range of topics, from tax matters and business consulting, to raw number computation and everything in-between.


A major part of the work of today’s accountant revolves around tax matters specifically. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics describes tax dealings as one of the six, core duties of those working in the trade. As a result and quite appropriately, one of our favorite blogs about accounting is all about the tax end of the field.

Linda M. Beale is a lifelong accounting and money expert. Her blog, ataxingmatter provides an ongoing, virtual wealth of knowledge on taxes with regard to accounting concepts. Beale typically posts several times each month and always gives deep and very useful analysis of these all-important topics of taxation in business and commerce.


The final spot on our list of great accounting blogs comes to you courtesy of the minds at ConvergenceCoaching LLC. This company specializes in growing leadership and providing expert coaching and consultation to businesses. This aim is particularly geared to the accounting industry as can be seen within the company’s blog.

Here, accounting experts popularly converge at this hub of growth concepts for accounting professionals. Learn the ropes of leadership particular to accounting, take in secrets to productivity in money management activities, and even find out exactly what it takes to be the greatest CPA you possibly can. These are typical of the offerings of this valuable blog for accounting professionals.

Blogs can be quite valuable in any field or practice. These are our modern society’s social hubs of informational exchange. The greatest minds and up-and-comers alike are all easily made at home in these great forums of knowledge. These five, particular accounting blogs make-up a significant part of the accounting industry’s footprint here.