What are the Most Popular Business Degrees?

In the world of business, employees and owners get to the top with a variety of degrees. The most popular business degrees are not always the ones that have business in the title. In fact, some companies want the variety of having people with many degree types in their business. These are some of the common degrees related to business that will set you up for success.

Accounting Degree

This is one of the top degrees for anyone who wants to start their own business or work in a company as an executive. It gives the student skills in finance that will always be in demand. A student who leaves school with an accounting degree and business knowledge has an advantage over those who left school with a simple business degree. Understanding the finances of a business gives the student the ability to make decisions based on the financial outlook and reports given on the health of the company. An accounting degree provides skills in accounting, finance and taxes that are vital to a business.

Business Management

When the student focuses on the management side of business, he or she can start below management level and have the skills and schooling to move up in any company. In school, business management students learn leadership skills, problem solving and decision making. Some companies might start the student as a lead or assistant manager in the company before promoting the employee to a greater position in the ranks.

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A business person is focused on the success of their company. To be successful, there are many aspects of the business that have to run smoothly. One of the biggest parts of any business is sales and marketing. The student who receives a degree in marketing will be able to steer their company to success through the many parts of the marketing mix from the product to the price and promotion. Business graduates who have focused on the marketing aspect of running a business has an advantage over other business students.


Students who decide to focus on entrepreneurship as a career might not always be ready to head directly to their own business. They take classes in creativity, ethics, marketing and finance, which prepares them for a variety of businesses. At some point, they may want to open their own business, or they decide to get some experience and involve themselves with a startup. A student who graduates with a degree in entrepreneurship can get a job in sales or management. This kind of degree is perfect for a business consultant who wants to help other businesses develop their ideas or learn where they might be failing.

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International Business

Whether it’s a Bachelor of Science in International Business or Business Administration, there are areas that work specifically towards international business practices. Classes that are geared towards cultural diversity issues, communications and international business laws are important for the student who wants to work with businesses that have international interests, according to Business.com.

Business administration degrees are not the only degrees you can get to succeed in a company. Popular business degrees are ones that help you find a job in an area that is of interest to you at the moment as well as where you might want to go in the future.