What are FANG Stocks?

In today’s world of investors, traders, and other stock market players, FANG stocks provide a major playing field with which to do business. What are these stocks, and what makes them distinct from the many other kinds of stocks out there? Here’s a quick look into the world of FANG stocks and investment today.

Jim Cramer’s F-A-N-G

The first use of the term “FANG” in stock terminology is unanimously credited in the business world as going to renowned money expert and television host Jim Cramer. As to Cramer’s meaning – FANG is the modern acronym for some of the most pertinent stock slots on the board: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. It is these companies who are among today’s biggest entertainment and social media movers and shakers. It is this group that, according to Cramer and many others, is one to be watched and utilized as a group and as individual stocks, with constant regard.

For those interested in learning a bit more about each of these stocks individually, the following provides some basic information as to each of the four FANG components.


Facebook garners the widely recognized market symbol “FB.” With an overall bullish community sentiment, Nasdaq lists this stock as an ETF top holding for iShares US Technology, PowerShares Nasdaq Internet Portfolio, SPDR Select Sector Fund, and several others. To date, record highs and lows on Facebook shares have reached $165.99 and $18.06 respectively.


Amazon is a global leader in online commerce and cloud computing concepts. The company’s unique market symbol is the easily recognized “AMZN.” To date, the company’s shares have reached all-time highs and lows of $1041.82 and $2.34 respectively. Top ETF holdings for this particular stock include VanEck Vectors Retail at 20.62%, SPDR Select Sector Fund at 15.62%, and several other leading placers.


Netflix, the household name in online rental entertainment is symbolized on the trading markets by the name “NFLX”. To date, its record high share price was achieved on July 21, 2017 at a rate of $188.54 per share. Likewise, the company’s stock slot ran at a record low of just $0.64 per share on October 31, 2002. Today, this stock is a strong component to the FANG set and is typically a very safe bet for the investor.


Google is the seeming center of the galaxy for much of the internet world today. Unheard of in the beginnings of the world wide web, today, the company has virtually created a new verb, “Google”, and is synonymous with online searches, cloud storage, and many other, emerging IT markets as well. As a stockholder of this company, one would be holding the coveted “GOOG” symbol on the trading block. Record highs and lows experienced by Google stocks have reached share rates of $981.93 and $520.51 respectively.

These are the basics of today’s FANG stock group – the fantastic four: Facebook, Amazon, Netflix, and Google. Any tenured investor will not only know of, but know how to utilize this bunch to the maximum advantage. Now, which particular FANG stocks might you be looking into next?

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